About PPP Agency

The aim of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Agency is to facilitate fair and efficient cooperation between private and public sectors in order to achieve development agenda of the Government of Georgia. At all stages of its activity, the PPP Agency promotes inclusive economic growth to reduce poverty and boost sustainable development of the nation. Through smart regulatory approach, the PPPA supports establishment of an impact investment practices and responsible business environment. Following the government program, the PPP Agency prioritizes projects that enable development of Georgia as a regional hub for innovation driven digital economy, transport, energy and industry, education.


Doing Business

According to the 2023 World Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking, Georgia holds the 7th position out of 190 in the world.


World Economic Freedom

In Fraser Institute Economic Freedom 2021 rating, Georgia marks the 25th position along with the most free countries.


Corruption Perception Index

Transparency International Corruption Perception Index survey conducted in 2023 shows that Georgia holds one of the leading positions among the East European and Central Asian countries.


Index of Economic Freedom

In the Heritage Foundation 2024 Index of Economic Freedom ranking, Georgia is among the twenty European countries with overall score of 68.4.

Projects in Georgia